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Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to get organized

First, you need to get a little folder to put all your coupons in. Some people like the little folders as I have (they are$1.50 at Publix) and some like binders. A lot of the hardcore couponers use binders. I am not that "cool" yet.

Organize and sort however you want, just make sure it works for you and you aren't confused by where you put things (as I do from time-to-time). My biggest sections are healthcare, beauty, and housewares. There are always a ton of coupons that fall into all three of these categories.

Go to any of the sites I listed in My Coupon 101 post to start printing and saving!

Once I have my coupons organized, I then tackle the AD! I honestly just start by going with item one..."Do I need that? Do I have a coupon for that?". I will pull my coupons or print them off (as she has the coupons link listed below the item). I figure how much the item is, subtract the coupon(s), and then get my final price. I go item-by-item. At first, it will be overwhelming (or it was for me, but I never said I was the brightest crayon in the box!). Just take your time and figure it out. If you don't need an item or its just too much money even after the deals...pass and go to the next item. Even if you don't NEED an item, if it's a matter or pennies or free, pick it up and donate it. Ladies (maybe some gentlemen!?), I recently asked my family if they needed any toothpaste, pasta, or men's deodorant because I have SO many! I was able to give some to them and have some left over when I need them again, or donate them to someone else.

We actually sold our PS2 to someone off of craigslist. When he came by, with his wife, they said they were buying it for their neighbors' kids who lost EVERYTHING because of the economy (even their home and the guys wife left him and their 3-4 kids....terrible, I know!). When I heard that, I gathered some food and personal care goods for them. They were very gracious and it felt good to do it. So my point is, donate anything extra or you have more than enough of! :)

Ok....back on track....I have everything I need/want write down on a piece of paper, all mapped out and organized with my coupons attached. So, when I go to the store I start on one side (usually the produce side) and work my way through each aisle. The BOGO deals at Publix are labeled really well, so you shouldn't worry about overlooking anything. Pick up what you need and head to the check-out. Unload everything and if you have rainchecks, they need to be scanned first along with your raincheck. Once the cashier is done, have them scan any cards you have such as UPromise, and then hand them all of your coupons that you have nicely organized. :) posts the new AD for Thursday on MONDAY! posts the Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS for the new Sunday AD on FRIDAY!

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