Search for Savings

About Me!

My name is Candace and Yes, I am an addict to saving! My savings journey began in October of 2010. While I wish I would have started much, much sooner. My husband was laid off twice in 2009. After having to sort through our finances, we had to make cut backs. I just wish I would have discovered the ART of couponing then.
I really need to thank my husband for introducing me to the websites I utilize for my couponing addiction. He saw a friend on facebook rave about this site and he suggested I go check it out. A few months later I did and the rest is history.
The art of couponing is time consuming at first, but the money you save (or get back!) is worth every minute spent. And once you spend a week or two working with the couponing process, it gets much faster and efficient. I have gone from spending $90 a week on groceries alone (at Wal-Mart) to an average of $40 a week for groceries alone (then sometimes I have to purchase dog food, diapers, or formula). Granted, I don't get everything I would love to eat....but I am on a budget people. I can't afford to eat like a 4 star restaurant. I am happy as long as their is food in my daughter's belly, my belly, and my husband's belly.
I have a daughter, Lilyan, born June 2010 and I have been married to my wonderful husband, David since August 2006. We have a lab-mix named Sebastian. He is great with Lilyan. My family is my life (outside of couponing)! :)
With that, I welcome you and thank you for visiting my blog!