Search for Savings


I will build this section as questions come about.

1. How do I start couponing? I have an entire post on this subject, check out Couponing 101.

2. How do I get organized? Check out my post How to get Organized.

3. Do you use everything you buy? Not always. As far as food goes, yes I do eat/consume everything I purchase. Pasta is usually a freebie or next to nothing cost, so I may donate some of those. My health and beauty supply, I usually do not use everything I buy. I won't purchase something if its less than 75% off (give or take). If I can get it at a good deal and I don't need it, I will purchase it and donate it. Otherwise, if it's something I use and can stock up on, I will purchase it for myself.

4. How long does it take you to get organized and get all your coupons together for each trip? At first, it does take some patience and time. It will be overwhelming, but over time it gets easier and faster...I promise! The ad that takes me the longest is Publix. It takes me, on average, 30 minutes to go through the ad and get all my coupons printed/pulled from my divider together. Between CVS and Rite Aid (I haven't tackled Walgreens hardcore yet) it takes another 20-30 minutes (depending on how good the ad is...CVS and Rite Aid is give or take some weeks). Then I check,,,, and multiple times a day (because I have the time...if you do not have the time, then check it once every day or every other day. All you need to spend is a few minutes just making sure you didn't miss any good deals posted since your last visit). Really it does not take much of your time, you just have to sit down and do it-because YOU CAN DO IT!!

5. How do you find your deals? Ah, yes. While I would love to take credit for all these fabulous deals....I do get them from a number of websites (most listed above). I do list them at my Couponing 101 post.