Search for Savings

Other Money Saving Tips

Besides coupons, there are many other ways to save. Again, these are things I have learned from having a spouse laid off for 15 months!
  • I have a post solely dedicated to saving money on gas!
  • Check other satellite services to see what kind of deals they have and then call your current satellite service and see if they can't match their price. If you are in a contract, they probably won't match the deal, but they may be able to cut your current price at some percentage. Even $5 a month is $60 a year, which is a good savings. If you are not in a contract, they will more than likely work with you more. Or in my case, I call Dishnetwork and negotiate our current price and they transfer me to Directv because they could not beat their price. I am not even joking! LOL Also, use a friend referral. My boss asked me to use her and I gladly did. We are BOTH saving $10 a month for 10 months. You can do this with UP TO 10 annual savings of $1000 is possible! WOW!!! I will gladly refer anyone to Directv if they want, just email me! :) My current bill for a guaranteed 10 months is $23 for 250 channels, free HD, free DVR and 3 free months of premium channels.
  • Inquire current prices with your cell phone company as well. We use Metropcs and we LOVE it. We have driven up to Rhode Island and Key West with hardly any problems. We both have Android phones (which we paid $356 then we sent in for (2) $30 rebate Visa cards which we are expected to get soon) and pay only $90 a month! We get unlimited EVERYTHING: email, text, picture text, internet, etc....
  • For our internet we use AT&T DSL. We were paying $19.95 for their slowest rate. They recently had a promo going for new customers for $14.95 for 3Xs faster internet than we had. I called and asked if they would honor this deal and they did...for 12 months! Saved us $60 for a year!
  • BUNDLE! We are bundling our internet and satellite service and saving $5 a month...not bad! My first bill from AT&T for the internet was a credit of $13. Not sure how, but I am not about to ask! LOL
  • Check around and get quotes from different companies for your home and auto insurance. Call your home insurance and auto insurance and see if they can't beat or match the quote you received from the other companies. We use Liberty Mutual for both and no one can beat them, not even USAA (even when I called). I get such a great discount through my work, that no one can beat them. I have heard USAA offers a very competitive rate too!
  • Call your mortgage company and see if they can help you lower your interest rate or just help lower your monthly payment. With the economy the way it has been, the government does have some deals going on (i.e. streamlining your loan without closing costs and such). Check it out!
  • I recommend doing all of this every 3-6 months!
  • If your pet requires meds, make sure to check out my post on how to save money on your Pet Meds!
One other important way is to reduce your mortgage/payments through Making Homes Affordable (which I created a post about)!